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F.MotaDesign was create by passion for artisan screen printing and love of cutting-edge fashion. Founded by designer/artist Francisco Mota. He decided he would trailblaze his way into the screen printing industry operating in Los Angeles. With humble beginnings, Francisco  started designing for commercial printing and screen print companies in 2006. He for one, had worked for a major screen printing company for 15 years until he mastered the trade and became a leading expert in the industry. When you’re creativity stands out, why not set out on your own, right?


Our clients include Big or small companies, police departments, bands, major designer labels, gyms, schools, and a wide range of businesses. We offer the latest styles, hottest trends, and highest quality apparel brands with print consultants on hand to help bring your prints to life. We’re proud to be a local small business that treats our clients like family, giving every order the care and attention it deserves.




With over 15 years in the apparel industry under his belt, his background includes designing for a major companies and clothing lines, and serving as a sales/design expert for a top leading screen printing company in Torrance.


He's able to take that knowledge, creativity and apply it to a all his customers, treating each project with pride and perfection, whether large or small.  Francisco Mota is always here to help.

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