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Vector art

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Get your unclear bitmap, jpeg, gif images into clear scalable vector logos into .ai, .eps, and .cdr formats to make it user friendly for screen printing. We ensure high-quality design at a cheaper rate. We charge according to your artwork complexity. Converting vector logos is easy with our professional team of artists.

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Paint a picture for your audience with a digital and drawn Illustration.



Want to get your logo converted into a vector art form? Simply send us an image with details. Let us help you out in any way we can.

Send us your image

Most images found online are raster images, Raster images use square pixels (bits of color) to convey an image. Vector graphics convey color using scalable color polygons. Since vector images use dynamic color sections as opposed to static squares, they provide perfect lines and crisp colors.

Every curve counts

Here at F.MotaDesign we are highly experience in Illustrations and digital art. If you have an image that needs to be created for vector artwork, digitally cleaned for presentation or any logo branding. Send it right over and let our experts help


Your artwork will be created in a timely matter.  Every line and curve will be paid attention and and  we always assure a professional look.

Final  Product

We will provide you with a final artwork in all formats.

AI, EPS, PDF, or any other needed

Vector artwork for Apparel, Production, Presentation or Branding

New projects we are working on
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Let's Talk

Whether you already have a project specification, or you just want to

learn more about the way we work, we are just an email away.

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